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   Leadership Statement                                                                               

Welcome to the official website of China International Chong-    yang Festival Organizing Committee.

China International Chongyang Festival is organized by the      China Ageing Development Foundation, under the leadership   of China National Committee on Ageing. It is approved by the   Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the  People's Republic of China. The celebration is supported by the China National Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth, the   Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, all relevant interna- tional organizations and more than 100 embassies and dozens of domestic and foreign media. The first four successful celebra- tions of the China Chongyang Festival have won widespread   praise among international communities and enhanced our        international cooperation and exchanges.

This website is an important window to the public,   established by the China International Chongyang Festival      Organizing Committee. We hope that we can work together for the cause of international Ageing development     through international dialogues and sharing of experience so that more international organizations and friends can have a unique chance of getting to know the Chinese traditional culture of “filial piety”, and to understand China’s ageing development situation and China’s national guidelines and policies with regards to senior citizens.      

Our purpose is to build a platform of cooperation and exchange for the counterparts engaged in Ageing and        philanthropy in different countries

Finally, let us join hands and work together to promote the healthy development of the international cause of       senior citizens, so that seniors from all over the world can enjoy a happy and prosperous old age!

                              Li Baoku, Chairman of the China International Chongyang Festival Organizing Committees